(G-733) Pro Canister Shell (Case Pack: 6/24)



Canister shell kit with 24 different effects. 1- red willow light blue and light yellow 2- red willow and silver glitter 3- light blue and green glitter 4- blue star and flower wave 5- red willow and white flower 6- green star and purple star 7- red glitter willow 8- gold wave and silver glitter 9- green glitter and purple star 10- red willow and crackling star 11- blue star to red star 12- green and silver glitter 13- red willow and crackling willow 14- blue star and gold lotus 15- blue star and gold glitter 16- blue star and silver glitter 17- flower wave and red willow 18- red flower star and silver glitter 19- green flower star and silver glitter 20- red star, blue star and white flower star 21- gold willow and silver glitter 22- crackling willow and blue star 23- poping flower 24- red flower star and green flower star.

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