(G-702) Lock and Load Kit, 24 Pack (Case Pack:4/24)



Showtime Brand: This box containers 24 power-packed, MAXIMUM LOAD Canister Shells of which the quality is unequaled in consumer fireworks.

1. Pink and Lemon Stars 2. Blue and Yellow Stars 3. Yellow Wave and Green Glitter 4. Red Wave and Green Glitter 5. Purple Wave and Green Glitter 6. Pink Peony and Green Glitter 7. Orange Peony and Green Glitter 8. Gold Willow to Red, Green and Blue Tips w/ White Glitter 9. Red and Blue Stars w/ White Glitter 10. Lemon and Orange Stars w/ White Glitter 11. Green and Purple Stars w/ White Glitter 12. Brocade w/ White Glitter 13. Silver Palm w/ Red Glitter 14. Green Wave w/ Red Glitter 15. Purple Wave w/ Crackling Pistil 16. Blue Wave w/ Crackling Pistil 17. Green Wave w/ Crackling Pistil 18. Green Glitter & White Glitter w/ Blue Stars 19. Big Brocade 20. Brocade w/ Blue Stars 21. Silver Glitter to Crackling Flower 22. Green Glitter to Crackling Flower 23. Silver Palm w/ Green Glitter 24. Silver Palm w/ White Glitter.

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