(A-048) Phantom Mania Assortment (Case Pack:1/1)



This pyrotechnician-inspired assortment features many of our larger, exclusive items including Flashing Thunder candle with report, Wolfpack crackling candle, Flashing Thunder with Star and report, a 2000 Wolfpack firecracker strip, M-98 firecrackers, 100 shot Saturn battery, Skyfest panaorama shell kit, Phantasm II, Rain of Fire, Molotov Cocktail, Emerald City, Wolfpack High Performance shell kit, #500 Silver crackling Palm floral shell, #500 Charcoal Palm floral shell, Mini Bomb Artillery Shell kit, Countdown, Tijuana Tremor fountain, Brew-Haha fountain, Outerspace Jets, 8 ounce assorted Wolfpack rockets, Whistling Bottle Rockets with report and star, Blue streak rockets, Extra Long Morning Glory sparklers.

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