(A-016) Battle of Yorktown (Case Pack:4/1)



Contains six pieces #8 Ball Roman Candle, two pieces #3 Cone, two strip (200 pieces) Firecrackers, three pieces Silver Crackle Crackers, five pieces Silver Salute Crackers, five pieces M-98's, one piece 25-shot Saturn Battery, two pieces Assorted Shells, one piece Chinese New Year, one piece seven-shot Toot & Twirl, four piece assorted 7" Floral Shells, six pieces #1 Assorted Fountains, two pieces Ground Bloom, five packages (60 pieces) Jumping Jacks, six pieces Bombing Planes, two pieces 10" Missiles, two pieces. Tanks With Reports, two pieces. Single Day Parachutes, six pieces Clustering Bee Rockets, six pieces Flying Pearl Rockets, 24 pieces Wolf Pack Howling Bottle Rockets, 36 pieces Wolf Pack Bottle Rockets with report, 36 pieces #8 Gold Sparklers, 36 pieces.Total of 628 pieces.

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