(A-009) Grounds for Divorce (Case Pack:1/1)



Grounds For Divorce is Phantom Fireworks MEGA ASSORTMENT! Hope you signed a prenup! This baby weighs over 130 pounds and is loaded with high performance 200 Gram Repeaters: (Platinum Pyro-Fusion, Autumn Rain, Shagadellic Mojo, Arctic Blast, Red White and Boom, Two Colortopia's, Rain of Fire, Two Gunner Mates, Umbrella's Of Fire, Machine Gun Shell, Emerald City, Countdown Finale) 500 Gram Repeaters(Pyrotechnic Motherlode, Untamed Retribution, Phandemonium, High Performance Display, Pyrotechnic Pulverizer, Phantom Strike, July 4th Celebration) Reloadable Shell Kits: (Copperhead Mortar Shells, Red-White-Blue Shell Kit, Aerial Artistry Shell kit, Double break shell Kit, Triple Break Shell Kit)

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