Phantom Fireworks had its inception in the early 1970s when Bruce J. Zoldan, at the time a salesman of miscellaneous rack merchandise, took on a small line of consumer fireworks in response to inquiries from his customers. Bruce proceeded to sell the consumer fireworks in conjunction with the sales of the miscellaneous rack goods and, several years later, began his career as an importer of consumer fireworks when he purchased his first single container of goods from China. Bruce’s initial efforts at the importing and wholesale of consumer fireworks quickly resulted in the establishment of the B.J. Alan Company doing business as Phantom Fireworks in 1977.

Phantom Fireworks has grown to become the second largest importer and wholesaler of 1.4G consumer fireworks in the nation, operating retail outlets in 16 states under Phantom® Fireworks chain. Phantom Fireworks also services wholesale customer accounts in all 47 of the states that permit the sale of some level of consumer fireworks.

In 1985, Phantom Fireworks acquired the assets of a sparkler manufacturing facility, moved the operations to the Youngstown, Ohio area and established the Diamond Sparkler Manufacturing Co., Inc. Durings its operation, it was the sole remaining operating sparkler manufacturing facility in the United States. During its peak manufacturing season, Diamond’s production capabilities reach approximately 800,000 sparklers per day.

In December 2016, B.J. Alan Company, Inc. and all Phantom companies underwent a comprehensive corporate restructuring resulting in more efficient operations.

Phantom Fireworks' Corporate headquarters are located on a 17 acre complex immediately east of the central business district of downtown Youngstown, Ohio, in the Mahoning Valley. The combined companies employ upwards of 350 people locally during the seasonal months. Nationally, the combined companies employ over 2300 people during the fireworks season.

In 1991, Phantom Fireworks entered the California temporary stand market. Phantom Fireworks has become a significant force in the California consumer fireworks industry, with a major warehouse and office facility in Modesto and regional sales offices in Sacramento, Bakersfield, Fresno and Riverside in California and in Las Vegas, Nevada. Sister companies operate temporary stand warehouse and office sales facilities in Salt Lake City, Utah, Lincoln, Nebraska and Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Phantom Fireworks has an extensive line of private label registered trademarked goods marketed under the well-known trade names Phantom® and Wolfpack®. The colorful, unique and versatile packaging designs are amongst the best in the country, and the various bag, box and tray assortments are filled with the top performing items in each consumer fireworks category.

Our buyers and graphic designers work closely with customers, product designers and manufacturing personnel to create great performing products and packaging that persuades and sells. In addition to our private label consumer fireworks products, Phantom Fireworks is proud to offer popular brand products from outstanding manufacturers like Grucci and Brothers.

Phantom Fireworks is one of the leaders in the U.S. wholesale fireworks industry in promoting the manufacturer and sale of safe fireworks. The company supports the efforts of the American Fireworks Standards Laboratory (AFSL) in its fireworks testing programs to insure that all merchandise imported into the United States that is ultimately sold and distributed by Phantom Fireworks meets or exceeds all of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) manufacturing and operational standards. The AFSL testing program is augmented by an extensive in-house product testing policy at the receiving Phantom Fireworks facility

The Phantom Fireworks corporate philosophy is simple: integrity, quality products and hard work will pay off in satisfied customers. Because Phantom Fireworks is a family business, we believe in shared obligations -to customers, to vendors, and to employees- responsibilities that surpass expectations.

Phantom Fireworks makes every effort to insure that each Phantom customer enjoys his or her Phantom Fireworks experience and that the products are used in a careful and safe manner in the celebration of the 4th of July or whatever holiday is made that much more special with Phantom Fireworks.

Phantom Fireworks’ legislative and safety concerns are reflected in the company’s membership and participation in the American Pyrotechnics Association, the National Fireworks Association, the Pyro technicians Guild International and a host of state organizations such as the Ohio State Pyro technicians Association, the Indiana Fireworks Dealers Association, Florida Fireworks Association, Pennsylvania Pyrotechnics Association and the Wisconsin Fireworks Association.

Bruce J. Zoldan, President and CEO of Phantom Fireworks, served as president of the American Pyrotechnics Association in 1996 and 2000, and has served on the Board of Directors of the APA for the last twelve (12) years. Bruce also serves or has served on the boards of the local Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce and other civic and religious organizations.

Alan L. Zoldan, Executive Vice President of Phantom Fireworks, travels extensively throughout China each year sourcing the products, inspecting the factories where the products are produced, and developing new and exciting fireworks. Alan also serves on American Standards Fireworks Laboratry committees as Vice President board of directors and local governmental boards.

Jerry Bostocky, Vice President for Sales of Phantom Fireworks. Jerry has served on the board of directors of the American Fireworks Standards Laboratory. Jerry also has served on the board of directors of the National Council On Fireworks Safety since its inception. 

William A. Weimer, Vice President and General Counsel of Phantom Fireworks, is serving as President of the APA and has sat on numerous committees including the APA Code Committee and the NFPA Task Force to the Technical Committee on Pyrotechnics as well as local civic organizations.

The Phantom Fireworks team believes in participating in the civic affairs of the community in which our businesses are located. The philosophy of community involvement by the company is led by the corporate executives and reinforced with management personnel at every level of company operations.