(G-100) Aerial Rampage Shells, 12 Pack(Case Pack:6/12)



Shells so beautiful you will hate to fire them. The box contains one tube and 12 cylindrical shells. The shells are constructed in a European style form combined with today's hottest effects. The assortment of shells includes:(1) Green Star Whirl(2) Crackling Peony(3) Silver Star Fish(4) White Strobe(5) Red to Crackling(6) Multi-Color Peony(7) Palm Tree(8) Brocade(9) Crackling Golden Bees(10) Blue to Crackling(11) Red, White & Blue(12) Green to CracklingYou'll hate to light them and blow apart all the beautiful work, so buy two kits and keep one for posterity. A Phantom ® exclusive!

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